Anonymous asked:

I can't view lowwh88-san's Dailymotion page. The videos on his Tumblr Dailymotion page. Different vids work for me, just not the ones that are on the page

I just had a look and most of the videos seem to play okay for me.

Some of them say it’s encoding, mostly on the PVs that I looked at. I spoke to lowwh88-san about this and he says it’s an error with DM the video was removed by them but it’s not showing that message - nothing he can do about that I guess.

Anonymous asked:

do you think janken is set so management decide who wins?

Personally, I don’t really care, if I’m totally honest.

The way I see it is the management will do what they want, if they feel the need to rig the janken to get the center/solo debut for who they want to, then so be it… if we didn’t have the janken they would still do the same thing. Even if it’s rigged, I still find the janken fun.

I don’t have a view on whether or not it’s rigged, because I don’t care about that kind of thing.

I see a lot of people saying it’s unfair on the girls who could have a chance to get center or their debut… I don’t see it that way, if there was no janken they’d not have that chance, and if the janken is rigged they still don’t have that chance… nothing changes.

I like to watch the janken, I’ll continue to watch it… enjoy it and laugh at what happens. It’s all entertainment to me, and that’s what I want.