As you guys probably know, two of my good friends over at Aidol ( アイdol ) will be featured in next week’s “What are YOU doing in Japan?”

I’m as excited as Murashige meeting Chori after such a long time. Totally can’t wait so here’s a teaser sub for the hearing impaired (since I’m just transcribing what they say anyway).

i-zorvikor asked:

Holy shit you're on tv ?! I hope you can represent the whole world mayuyu oshi. LOL

Haha, I did my best… I hate cameras so I’m not sure why I agreed to all of this XD

I voted for her a lot… and at the 2shot I couldn’t think of anything to say and just said some stupid stuff in English T_T

She must think I’m an idiot ahaha.

Was fun though. I hope I don’t let anyone down XD